Rental Application Policy

I understand and agree any fees collected from me for applying for this rental property are not necessarily for a credit check but are for application processing costs equal or greater than fee(s) charged buy BME for this application with or without a credit check and are therefore not refundable.

By signing below I certify all the above information I have provided is true and correct and authorize BME landlord or agent(s) to verify any/all items contained in this application before move in or after move out for debt collection, including Court Records, Rental History, Employment, Credit History as needed without restrictions.

I hold Robert Murray DBA Bob Murray Enterprises harmless from any errors or omissions in conducting this application screening and for having custody of my personal information including but not limited to unauthorized data breaches by third-party bad actors. I understand and agree this is a secure website and that BME has taken proper security precautions to prevent such occurrences including maintaining an active SSL certificate through the web host and limiting access to my personal information including documents submitted with the application to only those authorized for purposes of reviewing, storing, verifying such documents and information.

Applicant agrees false or omitted info above gives landlord clients of Bob Murray Enterprises the right to terminate rental agreement at any time if disqualifying information is found or disclosed from the application screening process.

I also understand and agree there are likely to be multiple applicants besides myself applying for this rental property even though there may be none at the time of my application and that those other applicants likely will be considered along with my own application and that my applying before other applicants does not give me priority over the other applicants for approval to rent.

I hold BME harmless for any and all outcomes resulting directly or indirectly from applying for this rental as allowed by applicable laws in effect at the time of my application.