Property Leasing Solutions in Bakersfield, CA

Do you have a vacant rental or one coming up in Bakersfield, CA?  Out of town, too busy wth work or family or just don’t want to deal with time and hassles of turning over your vacant rental?   Let Bob Murray Enterprises quickly place the right tenants in your rental without paying a monthly fee or signing a contract that locks you in for months or years!   We are the “ANTI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT”  Tenant Placement firm !!  We provide  property leasing services and do rental “turnovers” for a low one time fee so you don’t have to hire a property manager or deal with all the endless details of filling your vacancy. We come highly recommended by dozens of local Landlord clients who have used us for years!


Don’t deal with endless calls, emails, annoying late night texts and “no show” appointments from so/so applicants that eat up your nights and weekends or take your time away from family and friends!   HIre us to manage the leasing process to quickly put the best qualified, fully-screened tenants in your rental and get on with your life.  Dozens of clients use us regularly for dealing with all the tasks, applicants and paperwork to fill rental vacancies. We do it fast,  we do it right and we do it all for a low one-time fee without any up front payments, monthly fees or long-term contracts! Our job is simply to make property leasing quick, easy and simple so you don’t spend nights and weekends dealing with rental vacancies. . Give us a call at (661) 805-7011 or fill out our online form and we will get back to you right away! Our clients will always tell you we are one of the best property leasing solutions they have in their arsenal!

There is NO FEE, NO CHARGE, ZERO, ZIP, NADA, if we don't find you a great tenant you're happy with!!   You will always have final say in selecting  tenants and you hand pick from a quickly generated list of qualified applicants who you won’t have to meet or deal with unless you rent to them.  We are authorized to do background and credit checks, verify employment and rental history and interview potential tenants. We have worked in this business locally since 2008 and have great references from successful landlords, some who own as many as 25 units and use us exclusively to handle their turnovers .   They will all tell you our service ALWAYS pays for itself and we get properties rented with better tenants faster than they could one their own.  We are licensed by California Dept. of Real Estate ( CA DRE Broker Lic # 1932719) and do the work with no up front fee and will only bill you after your property is rented and all move-in funds are collected. 


If you can collect your own rent and handle repairs after tenants move in, you will save hundreds of $$ !!!  How/why? ……….. Because the dirty little secret about management firms is 95% of what they do for their monthly fee is collect rent and then send you a bill for their services!!  With good tenants in well maintained properties you don’t need to pay $100+ a month for a few minutes of work by your management firm!  


BONUS:   If desired and requested to help you speed up the rental turnover  (for no additional fee) we refer highly recommended low cost service providers (home repair technicians cleaning people) to help with any maintenance/ repairs for all types of work and who have proven track records with our other clients.